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Local SEO Tips For improved Local Search Results

Keyword research will assist find out the words and phrases(Primary keywords and Long Tail Keywords) best suited to help the search engines know what you do, and where you do it as well as recognize what words people are typing into their search bar to get businesses like yours. You can utilize a Free Tool like Google’s Keyword Planner to build your keyword approach. Export your list of keywords into Excelor open office for further editing and filtering on a regular basis –consistently review works great but definitely no less than twice a year. I’m a large follower of quarterly audits for most business analysis, marketing and presentation KPIs.

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Dec 6

Link Building Strategies For Your Website Or Blogs

Link building is the method of building relevant and quality links to your sites, which helps to boost your site traffic and rankings. Its one of the major part of seo. After the google algorithm updates, link building strategies has completely changed. Google uses number of filters to find the spammy links and decrease website their rankings. If you want to rank high in google you should follow a brand new link building strategy. Here are some of the effective link building strategies for 2013 that will definitely help your websites to rank better in Google.


Original Content

Google gives more importance to content. The website which has unique and relevant content always rank well in Google. Make your content more interesting for users and update it regularly. Writing more informative content on your website, attracts plenty of links from other websites.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the strong strategy for link building in 2013. The main purpose in guest posting is offering unique articles for another popular blog, within your category that has a huge amount of traffic and in return you are allowed to place your website link within the article. Its a good way of getting backlinks.

Blog Commenting

The most popular technique of getting backlink is blog commenting. By commenting on other blogs, you can get backlink from a blog on related niche and your website will be noticed by other users. Its also one of the best way to drive traffic. Make sure to post the detailed comment related to the article.

Social Media

Social signal plays an important role in improving search engine ranking so its essential for every website to have a social media links in their link profiles. Bookmark your website on different social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, reddit, tumblr, digg, delicious etc. Create a brand page on the following social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ etc. It helps to increase your website popularity, traffic and backlinks.

Launch a Blogging Contest

Blog contest, a great way to increase traffic and sense of community on your blog . A good contest will promote engagement through multiple channels. Take some time to visit other blogs and websites to announce your blog contest. If one of your primary goals is to build your connections on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ then push conversations and interaction about the contest to those networks. Your sites backlink count will increase dramatically within a short period of time.

Directory Submission

Another easier way to get backlinks for your website is directory submission. Listing in top directories automatically brings in quality back links, increase your search engines rankings and link popularity.

Note: Follow the above mentioned strategies to improve your website backlinks, page rank and search engine rankings.

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